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      3. Changde Changlian Chemical Co., Ltd(Former name:Binhai Henglian Chemical Co., Ltd).

        Address:No. 42 Minjian Road,
        Changde economic development
        park, Hunan, China
        Zip code : 415000
        Qian Dongxu        15157356297
        BingRong Zhou    13706839557
        Url : www.njmcz.com
        Email: zbr@henglianchem.com



              About us


        Located in Yanhai Chemical Industrial Zone, Binhai county economic development park, Jiangsu, Changde Changlian Chemical Co., Ltd. (Former name:Binhai Henglian Chemical Co., Ltd) is a specialized manufacturer of N-alkylated aniline serial products, including dye intermediates, rubber auxiliary agents and oil additives, etc. N-methylaniline is our main product, with the annual output of 100000 tons. Now, Henglian enjoys excellent reputation in the market for leading producing method and excellent quality.


        Our tenet is mutual benefits; we aim for getting co-ordinational development among economic benefits, environmental benefits and social benefits. Moreover, through combining our production with the R&D of products, keeping improving producing method, and keeping developing new products, we are working for meeting customers' demands......